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The Chiro Workout Exercise Classes

Get Your Foundation Right!

The Chiro Workout combines the latest in Whole Body Vibration Therapy, Dynamic Stability Training, Pilates & Breathing Techniques

  • Only 2 per 30-min. class
  • Increased energy (1)
  • Stronger bones (2)
  • Improved flexibility & posture (3)
  • Better balance (4,5)
  • Muscle strength (6)
  • Better outcomes in less time
  • Tailored to the individual
  • Suitable for all ages (4)

The 3 Core Principles of The Chiro Workout aim to strengthen and enhance
spine and pelvic foundation by addressing the following:


1. A Strong Neurological Foundation

Enhancing the Brain-Body neurological connection through exercise is the main goal of the Chiro Workout.

Movement is like a nutrient to the brain!

The Chiro Workout prioritises exercises that build both strength and endurance in the Neuromuscular system, creating movements which stimulate the nervous system and engage the brain.


2. Postures in the Least-Loading Positions First

We aim to avoid irritating underlying problems throughout the spine and nervous system by building strength in the postures that apply the least amount of stress on the spine first.

These least-loading exercise positions are well established from a research perspective (8). It just makes sense to start here and get the foundation right!


3. Pelvic Alignment & Function

We often describe the pelvis at ‘The Big Secret to a Weak Core.’

The pelvis accounts for an estimated 25% of lower back pain (7), but because the pelvis is your foundation, it’s involved in it a whole lot more. The pelvis transfers postural forces and has a significant impact on the neuromuscular control of both the torso and lower limbs.

Our unique approach will assess pelvic alignment throughout the functional movements so that you only work in a safe range.

Complimentary Introductory Offer

Assessment (15 min.) – includes Core-Stability, Posture & Pelvic Alignment
Initial Class (30 min.)
Maximum 2 per class with qualified instructor

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