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Stafford Meditation, Tonight 6.30pm - Monday 3rd March

Tonight’s theme is Cutting the Ties.

We talk about family ties and we also create ties to people we’ve had relationships, associations or interactions with. Sometimes, in certain situations, it is appropriate that we ‘let go’ of those ties. Letting go can be very healing and liberating.  For example, cutting ties is often a good idea at the end of a relationship to release emotional ‘buttons’ and reaction patterns created by the ties. At other times it may be appropriate for some of us to release the connection to those around us to enable us to develop our individuality or connect more closely with our spiritual selves.

In this meditation, we will assemble a group of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances with whom we are connected in our current adult lives and gently release the ties that bind us.


Weekly Meditation

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