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Stafford Meditation - Tonight @ 6.30pm, Monday 28th April

Tonight’s theme is What’s in My Attic?

What old beliefs do you have stored away in your attic? Are old, outworn or unhealthy thoughts undermining your life, your energy, your happiness? Do you believe what other people think and/or say about you? Are you still running that old tape of negative messages that you received as a child? Do you believe the worst about yourself, or the best?

We are all born with a story. It is our choice whether we want to live that story or create one of our own that nourishes the person we want to be.

In this meditation, we take a closer look at the beliefs that shape our evolution. We will examine how our beliefs nurture our wholeness, keeping that which serves our highest good and reshaping that which doesn’t.


Weekly Meditation


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