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Stafford Meditation, Tonight 6.30pm - Monday 24 March

Tonight’s theme is Loving Kindness.

All living beings deserve to be cherished because of the tremendous kindness we ourselves have been shown. All our temporary and ultimate happiness arises through kindness.  Even our body is the result of the kindness of others. We did not bring it with us from a previous life – it developed from the union of our mother and father. We came into this world naked and empty-handed and were immediately given a home, food, clothes, and everything else we needed. While we were still a helpless babe, our mother protected us from danger, fed us, cleaned us, and loved us. Without kindness we would not be where we are today.

In this meditation, we focus on feelings of love and kindness and radiating this warmth and love to the people around us.

Weekly Meditation

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