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Stafford Meditation, Tonight 6.30pm - Monday 14th April

Tonight’s theme is Into Silence.

The teaching of Zen asks you to come out of the head and go to the basic source. When we speak of being ‘grounded’ or ‘centered’, it is this Source we are talking about. Within each of us there is a vast reservoir of energy available to us and we tap into it by getting grounded and centered. When the energy is just at the centre, when it is not moving anywhere, neither in the head nor in the heart, but at the very source from where the heart takes it, the head takes it, pulsating at the very source, that is the meaning of Zazen.

Zazen means just sitting at the source where a tremendous force arises, a transformation of energy into light and love, into greater life, into compassion, into creativity. It will take you to your very potential.

With four stages of this method is a gentle ‘active’ meditation that will help you connect with your inner Source on your journey into silence to Zazen.

Weekly Meditation

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