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Stafford Meditation, Tonight 6.30pm - Monday 10th March

Tonight’s theme is Tattva.

The word Tattva is comprised of two words, “Tat” (meaning “that”) and “Tvam” (meaning “thou”). Tattva basically means “thatness”, that is, the real being of anything. Further, “Tat” represents the Godhead and “Tvam” the individual, giving a meaning of “That (which is the Universe) art thou.” This is similar to the axiom of “As above, so below”.

The Tattvas are the astral form of the Elements, upon which the Physical elements are based. They are a way of directly “experiencing” the 5 alchemical elements. Each of the Tattvas has a corresponding symbol and colour, which can be considered an atomic form of the element when it is viewed clairvoyantly.

In this meditation we will use the Tattvic shapes to balance personal energies by absorbing the quality of each element and integrating it into the body.

Weekly Meditation

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