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Stafford Meditation - 6.30pm Tonight, Monday 10th February

The theme for tonight’s meditation is From Head to Heart.

Osho says that the heart is the gateway to reality, and he counsels that we move from the head to the heart. He says that where the mind analyses, dissects and divides through logic and reasoning, the heart gives a unitary experience, synthesizing the whole into the unity of oneness. We get hung up in the head he says; that is our problem, the only one problem. The only one solution is to get down from the head into the heart. Then all problems will disappear as they are created by the head. Suddenly, everything becomes clear and so transparent that you may find yourself surprised at how you were continuously inventing problems.  The mysteries remain, but the problems disappear. The mysteries abound, but the problems evaporate. And mysteries are beautiful… they are not to be solved… they are to be lived.

In this meditation, we practice the technique of becoming ‘headless’ to allow our energy to settle in the heart. When the feeling comes that you have no head, you develop a deeper sensitivity of looking at the world through the heart.

Come along to Stafford Chiropractic & Wellbeing Centre to enjoy!

Stafford Meditation

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