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Pregnancy & Chiropractic

Two smiling pregnant women

Our glowing Naturopaths Jess and Daniela

Physical Changes

Pregnancy can be one of life’s most incredible journeys, full of physical and emotional changes for an expectant mother. On a physical level, rapid growth of the baby and changes in hormones (relaxin) can loosen the ligaments of the pelvis, create postural changes, and potentially turn small imbalances into more significant problems.

It’s hardly any wonder that 50-70% of woman can experience back pain at some stage of their pregnancy (1).


A Holistic Approach


Whether you are planning a natural birth or require medical intervention, our holistic approach aims to relieve pregnancy discomfort where possible, with a strong focus on balancing and strengthening the function of the pelvis and spine. The techniques used in pregnancy chiropractic care prioritise pelvic alignment and are combined with the use of pregnancy pillows so that mums can lie comfortably on our treatment tables.


belt being correctly applied on pregnant patient


We stock a range of pelvic belts which may assist in helping stabilise the Sacroiliac joints during everyday activities, and our practitioners are able to provide lifestyle advice for optimal sitting and standing, as well as other ergonomic advice. An integrated team approach is often necessary to ensure you get the best possible support during pregnancy, which is why we work closely with, and can recommend other practitioners if required.

Your health is our priority. It is our joy to be a part of your amazing life-giving journey.

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(1) J. Sabino and J. N. Grauer. ‘Pregnancy and low back pain’. Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine. 2008 Jun; 1(2): 137–141.

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