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Pilates Classes


Why We Recommend Pilates…

Regular Pilates exercise has been shown to result in a number of health benefits, including:

  • improved core strength & stability
  • improved posture & balance
  • increased flexibility

So many of our clients come to us with back pain and other weaknesses that can be helped by a customised exercise plan starting with foundational movements. Regular Pilates exercises can help to prevent further injuries and aid recovery, and that’s why our practitioners recommend our Foundational Classes, designed to take your individual physical quirks and weaknesses into consideration.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or looking for intermediate or advanced instruction, our Pilates classes are focused on providing maximum benefit for your needs.

We’re excited to bring you Pilates classes with Shannon Roberts

WEDNESDAY evenings & FRIDAY mornings at our Stafford Centre

Shannon will take you through mat-based Foundational Exercises that are approved by our Chiropractors and specialised towards building core strength, and injury prevention and recovery.

If you have an injury or specific weakness that needs focused instruction in a small group, then our Pilates classes will suit you perfectly.

Shannon has a long history in gymnastics and aerial silks, and fell in love with Pilates following an injury that made her rethink the way her body performed best. She is qualified in Matwork Pilates and Pilates for Back Pain, and is studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

  • Casual class – $25
  • 5 classes – Prepay $100 (20% off)

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL – Call us on (07) 3356 9552.

For more information on classes, call us on 07 3356 9552, or email us.

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