About Us

Stafford Chiropractic & Wellbeing Centre has been caring for people in the Stafford and surrounding areas since 2013.

After establishing Windsor Chiropractic in 2004, we opened our Stafford clinic to provide a greater range of holistic services to their clients and the wider community in a multi-disciplinary centre.

We believe that health is amongst our most valuable possessions, and offer a range of techniques and modalities which are drug-free and support the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Our Story

Our Principal Chiropractor, Dr. Alan Brown, has been a practicing chiropractor for over 25 years. His experience with the profession began from an early age following the onset of severe and chronic childhood illnesses, and his parents wanting to get to the underlying cause of the problem. Their determination led him to Chiropractic and finally towards good health. His wife, Marion grew up with similar holistic values, and their three children have been fortunate to benefit from chiropractic care from an early age.

We have been caring for our local community since 2004, as part of our clinic at Windsor Chiropractic. In 2013, we opened our Stafford Centre with the tremendous support of our team and community. The Centre enables us to provide an expanded range of health services to our clients in a holistic environment.

We also hold special workshops and events with the aim of bringing like-minded people together to learn about common interests.


Our Chiropractic Philosophy

We believe is a simple, common sense philosophy, summed up by this quote by the Developer of Chiropractic, BJ Palmer:
‘Nature needs no help, just no interference’.

This principle is applied best through the delivery of a Chiropractic adjustment. The various techniques used in our office work to clear interference (or communication problems) between the brain and the body, particularly the spine, which helps the body to heal itself.

We also advocate for a lifestyle that avoids ‘unnatural’ additions to our food, harmful chemicals in cleaning products and beauty products, and so on. And let’s not forget interferences to our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The saying ‘Prevention is better than a cure’ has been thrown around by health professionals for many years, but more recently the area of ‘Wellness Science’ has taken this to a whole new level. Wellbeing is about achieving optimal health, rather than just the prevention of disease. Much has changed since Alan first went to see a Chiropractor, thankfully!


Meet the Team



Dr Alan Brown, Chiropractor

Dr. Alan Brown graduated with a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Anatomy and Physiology) at the University of Queensland in 1994, and completed a Masters of Chiropractic at Sydney’s Macquarie University at the end of 1995.

With over 25 years experience as a Chiropractor in Australia and Scotland, and over 15 years practicing at Windsor, Alan has worked hard to master and combine traditional adjusting techniques with the latest scientific research and technology. He is qualified in Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), Webster Technique, Impulse Instrument Adjusting, and is a registered Trigenics Physician and Certified Craniopath, and Ergonomist.

These techniques have a fantastic application beyond the usual neck and back problems, all of which helps deliver quality care in our special interests: Family Wellbeing, Pregnancy and Children's Health, and Optimal Sports Performance & Rehabilitation.

At home, Alan is proud of what he and Megs have achieved with their family’s health, which has put his skills, knowledge and belief systems to the test. Their three primary and high school-aged kids have never needed an antibiotic, and Chiropractic is their go-to remedy for just about everything. The great success they have experienced with their family’s health has given Alan a lot of certainty about the way he practices.

Dr Lisa Rimmelzwaan, Chiropractor

Dr Lisa holds a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters of Chiropractic (both from Macquarie University), and is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board.

Lisa's passion, and three-year postgraduate studies in Functional Neurology, enables her to assess each level of your nervous system for proper function. She utilises specific adjustments and exercises to enable your nervous system to function, as it should.

Chiropractic gives Lisa a platform for living a balanced life, along with exercise and proper nutrition, with herself and her family members receiving regular chiropractic care.

"My goal is to improve the nervous system function of each client, so that you can work towards a greater quality of life and wellbeing. I’d love to have the opportunity to meet you in person and assess how I can help you, no matter what your age or concern.”

When she’s not at the practice, Lisa can be found spending time with her family and friends, at the gym, by the water and visiting playgrounds with her son.

Dr Ben Lowe, Chiropractor

Dr Ben graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic) and a Master of Clinical Chiropractic from Central Queensland University in Brisbane, having completed five years of specialised study to become a Chiropractor.

His passion for the musculoskeletal system and his love of movement, was nurtured from a young age, due to his competing in and coaching of Gymnastics. This led to a fascination with Parkour, which saw him travel to many different places across the world. All of which he believes he could not have done without regular visits to his local chiro.

Ben incorporates a wide range of techniques that includes focus on posture, function and breathing to treat each patient uniquely, and is trained in Diversified Technique as well as ABC (Advanced Bio-Structural Correction) and S.O.T (Sacro Occipital Technique). His focus is using chiropractic adjustments alongside an active care program to achieve his patients’ goals.

Ben also has experience in running Chiropractic outreach events for the Homeless, which has been a rewarding experience. He sees Chiropractic as a catalyst for change, giving anyone the opportunity to take ownership of their health and wellbeing.

You can find Ben on most weekends in his garden, mountain biking or hiking with his wife.

Kym White, Chiropractic Assistant

Kym discovered chiropractic, or rather, it found her when she was studying massage and aromatherapy in 1999. She has always had an affinity with nature, and the chiropractic philosophy resonated deeply with her from the beginning.

Kym joined our Windsor Chiro team in 2007, and with over 20 years working in natural health, she is a walking advocate of chiropractic and living an holistic lifestyle. She is the backbone of our support team and enjoys the customer service aspect of her job immensely.

She loves the ocean and the countryside, and likes to be in the garden or going for a walk with her pup, family and friends. With energy to burn, Kym also loves to dance... anything that keeps her moving!

Not just a wealth of information on chiropractic, you can also pick Kym's brain on natural home remedies for cleaning and personal care with essential oils, fermenting, composting, recycling, and thrift shopping! She has recently added Pilates and meditation to her routine, so we're excited to see how that goes!


Kathryn Logan, Chiropractic Assistant

Kathryn started seeing a chiropractor on and off 17 years ago, after the birth of her first child, and came back to chiro when she sustained a sports injury.

She has always been very active; playing tennis, netball and running, and is also a Pilates advocate of almost 10 years. Naturally, Kathryn loves to stay fit and healthy, and her family keeps her busy in this way too!

Family means everything to Kathryn, and her three kids and husband are now regularly adjusted and notice the benefits.

With any spare time, Kathyrn loves spending time with family and friends, and enjoys a good book, playing sport and seeing theatre and live music.


Kim Snape, Chiropractic Assistant

Kim joined our team in August 2020, and has received chiropractic care from a young age. She has always sought out natural health modalities, and was advised early on to avoid eating dairy by a Homeopath. This started her on a wellbeing path and has resulted in life-changing outcomes.

Originally from Melbourne, Kim moved to Brisbane in 2014 and enjoys all that our sub-tropical lifestyle has to offer. She loves the outdoors and enjoys days at the beach, cooking, dining out with friends, daily exercise, and being active in mind, body, and spirit.

Kim has a passion for natural health and lives her life based on the philosophy that 'prevention is better than a cure'. It's no surprise that she was drawn to working in the field of Chiropractic and Wellbeing.


Jessica Redmond, Chiropractic Assistant

Jess has been an important part of our team since 2013 in her role as Chiropractic Assistant. She initially sought out chiropractic care in 2011 when she was experiencing back pain, largely related to her sedantary desk job at the time. Her passion for all things natural led her to undertake further studies, and she is now a fully qualified Naturopath.

A self-proclaimed foodie, Jess has a special interest in wholefoods, traditional fermentation methods, herbal medicine, and the importance of our connection with the world around us.

Also an avid recycler and op shop enthusiast, Jess believes that the smallest of changes to our consumption habits can make a huge difference to the sustainability of the planet.

Jess is currently taking a break from naturopathic consultations and support work so that she can concentrate on her young family... her rambunctious toddler and adorable newborn keep her very busy and content in family life!


Marion Greig, Practice Manager

Marion, better know as Megs, has been getting adjusted since she met Alan in Scotland in 1999 when they were both living in the UK. Megs' mother saw a chiropractor during her pregnancies, practised yoga, and opted for natural remedies and foods without additives and preservatives, so the chiropractic philosophy of 'Nature needs no help, just no interference' resonated well with her.

She is proud to have given birth to their three children at the RBWH's Birth Centre, naturally and without pain relief, despite having had a hip degenerative condition called Perthes Disease as a child. Chiropractic keeps her pelvis balanced so that she can keep up with Alan and the kids. She played competitive hockey, water polo and basketball at school and uni, and now enjoys swimming laps, pilates and taking the dog on family adventures, especially to the beach!

Megs started as Alan's chiropractic assistant when Windsor Chiro opened in 2004, and now manages the operations-side of the practice while juggling family life.