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Our Approach and Techniques

North Brisbane Chiropractors

The techniques used in our office are effective, safe and comfortable for the whole family, suitable for tiny babies to seniors. Each technique is listed and explained below. Our approach takes advantage of traditional Chiropractic methods along with the latest scientific research and technology.

We take a very holistic approach when analysing and correcting structural problems of the spine, examining the pelvis through to the skull (cranial bones) inclusive of the jaw, the upper limbs, lower limbs, and even the organ system. The way your spine and body compensates tells the story of your life. Spinal health problems tend not to occur in isolation; all areas affect each other. That is why it is so important to look at the whole person, including lifestyle and work patterns.

People often think that Chiropractic is solely about bones, but almost always we will address and influence the surrounding muscles as part of our treatment. All Chiropractic techniques affect the nerves that are intrinsically embedded in the ligament and muscle (the whole joint) around the bones.

If you have a specific health concern, we aim to not only find a diagnosis but also uncover how a spinal compensation may potentially affect other areas of your current or future health. Many of our practice members are positively surprised to discover how these compensations can tie into other health concerns and the way they feel.

The primary adjusting techniques we use include:

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

Sacro Occipital Technique, or SOT, is a chiropractic technique designed to help normalise the relationship between the pelvis and the cranium (head).

The Pelvis

The integrity of the spine, and the function of the nervous system it protects, begins with the pelvis. This foundation is constantly subjected to the pull of gravity. When stability is lost, it can produce a range of problems throughout your body.

North Brisbane Cranial Therapy


The Cranium

Proper control of every cell and tissue in your body is affected by the function of the cranial bones around the brain and the tension of the spinal joints and tissues around the spinal cord. Think of your spinal cord as a string on a harp. Is it flexible and healthy, or stretched and drawn tight?

Blocking the Spine

We use wedge-shaped devices known as ‘blocks’ to help correct your spine and properly ‘tune’ and stabilise your nervous system. By knowing exactly where to position these blocks, we use the weight of your body to make corrections, naturally.

Safe and Comfortable

By using gravity and your own body to bring about a correction, new healthier patterns of spinal function can result. Along with safe, consistent results, SOT is known for emphasising practice member comfort.

North Brisbane Paediatric Chiropractor

Paediatric Instrument Adjusting

Impulse Adjusting Instrument

What is the Impulse Adjusting Instrument?

The Impulse Adjusting Instrument used in our office is one of the most advanced technologies to become available to chiropractors to assist in the delivery of chiropractic adjustments. Just as lasers have replaced scalpels in some surgeries, the adjusting instrument can replace some of the traditional manual methods of chiropractic.

The Impulse Adjusting Instrument is patented and registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA). It has been specifically created to deliver gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments to the joints of the spine and extremities to relieve pain and restore function.

The Impulse Adjusting Instrument is controlled by high-tech micro-computer circuitry housed within the device that produces a controlled force used by chiropractors to treat different areas of the body. In short, the impulse instrument gently and quickly moves the problem joint until the sensor detects that a correction has been made.

Years of research have gone into the development of the Impulse Adjusting Instrument to create gentle chiropractic adjustments that are safe and effective for patients of all ages. The Instrument has a specific setting for Paediatric care.

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