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Our practitioners specialise in Chiropractic adjustments using a range of techniques, including Cold Laser Therapy, and are focused on whole-body function and healing. We have a Sunlighten Infrared Sauna and provide Naturopathic services (currently on hold) and complimentary services such as Postural, Ergonomic and Pillow Height Assessments. We also sell practitioner products such as Naturelle Latex and Mimos Baby pillows, Serola sacroliliac belts and various supplements.



Our chiropractors take a holistic approach when analysing and correcting structural problems of the spine, examining the pelvis through to the skull (cranial bones) inclusive of the jaw, the upper and lower limbs.

We also consider the potential effects of the organ systems on the spine and structural system via a thorough organ systems review.

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Cold Laser

Cold Laser Therapy, also known as Low-Level Laser Therapy or 'photobiomodulation', is a non-invasive pain relief technology that delivers low-level light energy units to damaged tissue cells.

In practical terms, we use cold laser to assist with the management of pain and inflammation, and to speed up the healing process.

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Infrared Sauna

Our Sunlighten sauna offers full spectrum – near, mid and far – infrared technology, and can be set to 1 of 7 Health Programs depending on the goal of your session.

This full spectrum of wavelengths enables varying depths of penetration into the body to achieve different outcomes.

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Our Naturopaths are experienced in a wide range of health concerns including complex, long-term ailments.

Some of these areas include (but are not limited) to Gut Health and Inflammation, Fatigue and Adrenal Health, Fertility, Hormonal Imbalances, Women’s & Men's Health, Children & Adolescent Health, Mental Health (Depression & Anxiety), Allergies and sensitivities, Chronic Disease Management.

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Postural Assessment & Rehabilitation

Many common spinal curve problems - including some forms of scoliosis - are correctable, or can at least be improved with this rehabilitative equipment and approach.

There's no extra charge for our Posture Rehabilitation. If indicated (from x-rays or Posture Assessment), this technique is included in the consultation fee for a standard Chiropractic session.

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Pillow Height Assessments

The correct pillow height is an essential part of maintaining the health of the whole spine, not just the neck.

We have three pillow sizes in our pillow range - Low, Medium and High - that are uniquely contoured and adjustable, and suit the majority of people we see in practice.

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Our extensive range of practitioner products and supplement includes -

  • Naturelle Latex pillows in various heights
  • Mimos Baby pillows which can help in the prevention and correction of Plagiocephaly/Brachycephaly.
  • Serola sacroliliac belts, which can help stabilise an unstable pelvis, and can be particularly effective in supporting the changing ligaments and muscles of the pelvis during pregnancy.








  • Mediherb ~ Metagenics ~ BioMedica
  • Nutra Organics
  • Bone Broth Concentrate
  • Various natural personal products - toothpaste, deodorant, ear candles + more.

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