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Naturopathic Detoxification Package at Stafford Chiropractic

Brisbane Chiropractors Alan Brown, and Lisa Rimmelzwaan work closely with Naturopath Eleisha Holmes.

Our detox package has been specially formulated to have the flexibility to be tailored uniquely to your personal needs, while still remaining affordable. It begins with an:

Initial Consultation with our Naturopath Eleisha, who will look over your medical history, discuss with you the condition of your health as it stands currently, assess your iris (Iridology), nails, skin, tongue and pulse to determine further the deeper levels of your state of health. It is at this point that she may order integrative pathology testing, and will go over nutritional, herbal and dietary changes to aid your body through the detox process.

Maintenance Consultations then are about continuing to tailor the detox to you, as different systems of the body become more or less involved at different stages, it is important to support the systems through as they become more or less dominant in the detox process. This is also a great time to keep you motivated, to edit the strictness of the dietary changes, and to give you the best detox experience.

Lymphatic Drainage is a form of remedial massage which is aptly been named “Passive movement exercise for the sick”. Toxins have many avenues of evacuation from the body, via the lymphatic system is one of the major ways. Unfortunately, lymph builds up after a time and can cause oedema, lymph oedema and swelling, and ultimately creates a blockage of toxin filled and waste product rich fluid all over the body. Lymphatic drainage then clears the lymph into the ducts and helps it to exit the body more productively. This in turn will make anyone who has a lymphatic drainage so much healthier!

Infrared Sauna treatment is incredible and unlike other saunas in the extent of its anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body. We use the sauna in conjunction with lymphatic drainage to promote optimal detoxification and systemic health. On top of the anti-inflammatory response, the sauna promotes sweating, which is an incredible way for the body to release toxins. It will dramatically reduce the time needed for the clearance of the lymph.

The Fermentation workshop is a great bonus to this package, and is brilliant for giving you wonderful information about gut health, detoxification as well as showing you how to increase your food based sources of pro-biotics, which is important for so many processes throughout the body, most peoples’ favourite being a flatter stomach.

So as you can see, our package has been expertly considered and put together to help you reach your optimal potential. Registrations for the last Fermentation Workshop of 2014 end November 30th, get in today to secure one of the few remaining seats!

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