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North Brisbane Naturopath, Daniela Le Sueur BHSc. Naturopathy

North Brisbane Naturopath, Daniela Le Sueur

North Brisbane Naturopath, Daniela Le Sueur

The aim of my consultation is to help uncover the cause of your symptoms, and treat toxicity and chronicity of ill health. I see a range of conditions but have a special interest in the following:

  • Fatigue/Chronic Fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Allergies
  • Gut health
  • Diarrhoea/Constipation
  • Pain management
  • Headaches
  • Skin conditions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction (Sugar addictions right through to post-drug addiction)
  • Inflammatory conditions

I aim to undercover the cause of your ill health using highly specialised diagnostic techniques through various modalities of Natural Therapies, and may ask for further pathology testing if considered necessary. These all aim to help treat you specifically to your own individual needs.

A little about me…

Growing up on the Gold Coast and then Brisbane, I found myself noticing the effects of two very different lifestyles on my own and loved ones health, mood and wellbeing. It was this intrigue along with my love for food, fitness and human biology that let me to pursue a career in Natural Medicine.

Following high school, I completed a Bachelor Degree in Health Science Naturopathy, and continued to gain qualifications in Massage and (Educational) Training within a few short years. I have since worked in the natural health industry, previously running my own Naturopathic business and am still currently lecturing Nutritional Medicine at the Australian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) in Brisbane.

My Life Outside of Naturopathy…

Admittedly, I am rather passionate about the health industry and so am constantly online looking at and reading different things, not just natural medicine but also mainstream medicine. I am also incredibly passionate about ethical foods and sustainable living, and devote a large portion of my time sourcing good food and supporting local business. I really believe we could be living in a more eco-friendly world that benefits not only the environment, but also the quality of life and health of everyone and everything living within it.

I have also grown up in a very close-knit family, being half Italian I really had no choice! I spend a lot of time with my mother at her property down on the Gold Coast, looking after the livestock and creating amazing food and spending quality time in nature. I also spend a lot of time with my husband who is a true inspiration and motivator, with most of our time scowling restaurants around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, always looking for the best food we can. This leaves me with only a small amount of time to spend with myself, relaxing in front of the T.V. or working a sweat at the gym. A very busy but incredibly fulfilling life.

My Healthy Habits…

I fully believe that to create a healthy lifestyle and healthy body, you need to go back to your roots. Being half Italian, I grew up with very wholesome, rich and big meals. For me, my body thrives on this diet. I have never had any major health concerns or problems around my weight and never gotten into eating fast food when, as you can imagine, it never could compare to the home cooked meals I got at home. Having travelled to Italy a few times, once during my high school years, and seeing others with different backgrounds gain large amounts of weight, begin to acquire unwanted symptoms such as skin break outs, fatigue and digestive discomfort, it really became clear to me that we are all genetically build to eat our own traditional diets.

I base a lot of my dietary advice around this ideology and with great success. This diet is, by definition, a Paleo-style diet, designed to each individual’s needs and goals. I fully believe that the idea of eating similarly to our ancestors is where true health lies, and have seen it work time and time again. Also implementing detoxes, continual gut health strategies and supplementing when needed to maintain optimal health.
Accompanying my healthy eating habits, I also understand the total physical and emotional benefits of exercise, personally going to the gym and along the river for regular runs. I also have regular chiropractic care to keep me aligned, massages to help me unwind, as well as getting plenty of quality sleep. I also ensure that I have quality time each week to spend with those people I love and detach from my busy schedule.

What is your goal for you and your family? Lets help you to achieve it! Call us today to so we can work together to living a life with better health.