We regularly hold events to educate and involve our community in fun ways that will increase their understanding of what's possible for their overall health and wellbeing.



Adapt-Ability Workshop

How well do you adapt to stress and change?

…It’s an important question for your wellbeing. Science suggests that if your autonomic nervous system (ANS) is good at adapting to what life throws at it, you’ll have a healthier body that’s less susceptible to inflammation and disease (1).

This is your chance to change your future. Join us for a cutting-edge session that will empower you to take proactive steps towards better health.

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Past Events

Fermentation Workshop

Our Fermentation Workshop is a favourite, and we regularly have special guests who share their love and knowledge to help you get started.

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Chiro Workout Workshop

The Chiro Workout is designed to help you move optimally, whether that be for sport and exercise or in everyday activities. Prevent injury and speed recovery with the scientifically proven exercises that won't do more damage.

You do not need to attend a workshop before starting Chiro Workout classes... the info helps you to understand the principles behind the sessions!

Mediterranean vs. Keto

We cover all your food questions, from fasting to fats and proteins in our upcoming Keto v. Med Diet Night. Dinner by Wilde Kitchen

The Keto Diet has become the hot topic of debate in the food realm, with everyone from Kim Kardashian to well-esteemed nutritionists and dieticians promoting the eating style. So, what's all the fuss about? And how does it fare compared to the well-established Mediterranean diet?

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