Jaw Pain

The jaw joint or the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects the jaw bone to the skull, and can be a common source of pain for many people.

Dr. Alan spent several years working in a Sydney CBD dental practice whose treatment model for jaw problems included aligning the dental bite, spine, pelvis and cranium as a whole.

More and more research is beginning to show that jaw alignment can affect posture, and the posture can affect the function of the jaw (1).

Can Chiropractic Help?

Our approach to jaw problems (TMD Temporomandibular disorder) is very holistic and includes spinal adjustments, cranial mobilisation and cold laser therapy.

As part of your first visit to our office, our chiropractor will take your full medical history and carry out a thorough physical examination to determine if they are able to help you. In some cases, they will recommend that you have x-rays taken to assist their findings and recommendations.

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