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Common Problems

Neck Pain

Your neck is a dynamic part of the body, which supports the weight of your head (4-5kgs on average) and allows constant rotation as part of your daily movements.

It is made up of seven bones called cervical vertebra that are positioned on top of each other in a lordosis (normal curvature of the spine). Each vertebra is separated by discs of cartilage and wrapped in ligaments and muscles, which are packed with a huge amount of nerve endings. These nerve endings allow the brain to accurately control neck movement and influence your overall posture.

With so many working components, it’s no wonder that neck problems are so common.

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Back Pain

Man holding painful backOne of the most common reasons to visit a chiropractor is due to back pain.

Our spines are an integral part of our ability to move, so if you’re unable to walk, sit or stand, or move from one position to another without pain, there’s a big chance that your quality of your life is being significantly affected.

It’s estimated that 8 out of 10 people are affected by back pain at some stage of their life (1), and this can be largely attributed to the decline of our postural health in the Digital Age due to increased personal device use (mobile phones, tablets, personal computers). And unfortunately, our kids are not immune to this problem.

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