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Chiro Workout Classes at Stafford Chiropractic and Wellbeing Centre

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Class Times

30-minute sessions ($25 per class)

Thursdays between 3-6pm

Saturdays between 8.30-11am


Whole Body Vibration Therapy ~ Dynamic Stability
Training ~ Pilates ~ Breath

Hypervibe person

So much more than just the basics, our CHIRO WORKOUT classes are designed to create a strong Neurological foundation within the spine and pelvis to improve bone density, muscle strength, balance, posture, agility, and cardiovascular performance.

Pilates – Dynamic Stability Training – Breath – Whole Vibration Therapy

Potential clinical benefits may include:

Increased Brain-Body connection
Increased bone density
Increased muscle strength
Improved balance
Improved posture
Better agility
Optimal cardiovascular and nervous system performance

The Core Principles of the Chiro Workout

1. A Strong Neurological Foundation

Enhancing the Brain-Body neurological connection through exercise is the main goal of the Chiro Workout.

Movement is like a nutrient to the brain! But not just any movement… Complex movements, where you need to concentrate and engage your brain.

The Chiro Workout prioritises exercises that make the brain light up and build an enduring Brain-Body connection.

2. Postures in the Least-Loading Positions First

Aims to avoid irritating underlying problems throughout the spine and nervous system by building strength in the least-loading positions first.

It makes sense to start with exercise positions that put the least amount of load or force through the spine and postural system… you wouldn’t want to lift heavy weights if you had a weak core or a lower back problem!

These least-loading exercise positions are well established from a research perspective and are quite holistic, in that they build strength by engaging whole body sections of muscle groups.

3. Pelvic Alignment & Function

We often describe the pelvis as ‘The Big Secret to a Weak Core’!

Research now demonstrates that when ligaments around the pelvis become overstretched, nerves become irritated, creating muscle compensation. A process called muscle ‘inhibition’ can result, leaving muscles weak and dysfunctional.

Our unique approach will assess pelvic alignment throughout the functional movements so that you only work in a safe range.

Please call our office on 07-3356 9552 for dates and more information on our upcoming classes.

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