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Boost Your Immunity With Paleo

COST: $30 (paid before the event)
TIME: 7.30 – 9.00pm
WHERE: Stafford Chiropractic and Wellbeing Centre


Wednesday, 1st of June


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For any questions, phone (07) 3356 9552 or email us.

Learn how real food can help boost your immunity for this upcoming cold and flu season.

Easy immune boosting recipes – supercharge your broth and natural cold and flu drink.
Heal your gut to boost your immune system, how fermented foods help.

Spectacular dinner supplied by Wholesomesness – providing healthy, nourishing and downright delicious meals based on Paleo principles.


Discover Paleo Topics

Live Food Demonstrations, Immunity Boosting recipes and Food Demonstrations presented by:

Leah Williamson Founder/Organiser of the Brisbane Paleo Group

Shan Cooper From My Food Religion.

Leah Williamson, Founder of the Brisbane Paleo Group

The Science of Paleo

Fermented Foods, Presented by Theresia Konrad.

Theresia is a Food Scientist and Nutritionist, and has also received training in a unique field termed Nutrigenomics (which explores the effect of nutrition on gene expression).


Primal Movements- The Modern lifestyles influnece on the Spine and Immune system

The Spine and Nervous Systems influence on the immune system- Understanding this Holistic influence.

Presented by Alan Brown Chiropractor, Windsor and Stafford Chiropractic.

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