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Adapt-Ability with Dr. Adrian Wenban

Dr. Adrian Wenban, Chiropractor

In 30 months (Oct 2016-Apr 2019), by using a simple protocol, Adrian went from never having done a triathlon to making the Australian team and coming 12th in his Age Group at the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships this year.

Adrian has a BSc(Anatomy) from UNSW, a BAppSc(Chiropractic) from Phillip Institute of Technology and a Masters in Clinical Epidemiology from the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Newcastle. He has led the founding and development of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic, a university affiliated private college, during the last 10 years.

He has a keen interest in how to measure and influence general health, sports performance, and longevity.

What Is It?

man riding a mountain bikeA 9-hour introduction to the concept, research and lifestyle elements that reflect the understanding that life at its best, in terms of quantity and quality, is underpinned by optimal adaptability.

Humans living today are Stone Age hunter-gatherers displaced through time to a world that differs from that for which our genetic constitution was selected.

Why Do It?

To bring your best to the game.



Generations as hunter-gathers


Generations as agriculturists


Generations as industrialists


Generations as digitalists

In the past, our species evolved in an environment that demanded considerably more adaptive range than is the case in today’s era of comfort, calories and machined transportation.

There is increasing evidence that the resulting mismatch we experience today fosters accelerated ageing and “disease of civilization” that together cause 80% of all deaths in Western nations.

What we are seeing, as the dots are being joined by enlightened researchers in diversity of fields from around the world, is a picture of health that aligns with a traditional chiropractic model that says the nervous system and in particular the balance of the Autonomic Nervous System determines health, adaptability and indeed, survivability.

What Will You Learn?

  •       An understanding of your adaptive capacity

  •     What supports it?

  •       What detracts from it?

  •     How to measure it?

  •      How to grow it?

  •     How to share this?

When Is It?

February 22:
1.00pm – 5.30pm

February 23:
9.00am – 2.00pm


Chiropractor: $390 +GST
General Public: $150 +GST
Students: $99 +GST

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